Protect your catalytic converter
with our anti-theft shield

and park, ride and enjoy your hybrid ride without fear

Your catalytic converter got stolen?

You never (ever again) want to wake up in the morning, finding out that someone stole your catalytic converter while you were asleep. In probably less than 60 seconds, because that’s what thieves need these days. 

You don’t have to think about where to park your car in a safe place anymore. Because we give your catalytic converter the protection it needs with our shield, custom made for every specific hybrid car!

Waking up with a stolen converter

What is happening?

Catalyst converters of hybrid cars are the most sought-after and stolen out there. The converter of your car is very advanced, loaded with precious metals, which unfortunately make them very attractive to thieves.

In 2021, 3968 converter thefts have been registerd in The Netherlands only, that’s nearly 11 converter thefts a day in such a small country! Watch this video to see how thieves steal a converter in less than 60 seconds, that’s how acccessible and vulnerable they are without protection…

Designed with a Dutch no-nonsense mindset

This is (y)our shield

We designed a custom-made shield for every specific hybrid car in a way that makes it almost impossible for thieves to get to your catalytic converter. They will at least need a lot more time, make a lot more noise and it will take them a whole lot more effort, which will discourage them to even start. 

Tight design

Raised edge


Clever ventilation

What do other people say?

Let’s start with my own story, where I had gifted my wife Linda with this lovely turd brown, but oh so efficient Toyota Prius. It took only two weeks before she called me in a panic, because her car was making excruciating noises and failed to drive like it’s supposed to. Someone had brutally cut out and stolen the catalytic converter. We had to tow away and repair the car for a good €3000. After that I promised to make sure that would never happen to us anymore and I made it into my mission to help others to make it never happen to anyone anymore.


Linda Kornet

Prius 3 Plug-in owner

When my catalytic converter was stolen, I immediately had an Intershield protective plate fitted. That saves me stress! Friendly and fast service. 

Levi van der Sluijs

Prius 2 owner

Glad my car is now protected with robust and thought-out security. Installation was also fixed quickly. My compliments!

Justin Roos

Auris 2 owner

Peace of mind after installation of the protection. Solid protection for a great price.

Yes, I want protection! How do I get it?

That’s easy!

1 – Order your shield online with one of our retailers. Not sure what shield to order? We help you choose!

2 – Ask your local mechanic to install your shield for you, using our installation guide

3 – Go home, park your car and sleep in peace

Do you want to partner with Intershield for your business? 

Do you want to partner with Intershield?

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